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Compiled by: Rusmanhaji


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Bekasi 2012






All praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds who has bestowed us His endless mercy and blessings.

May Shalawat and Salam be granted to the Holy Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him, his Household, and his companions, who have brought human beings to the right path of Islam

This book is compiled to meet the need od students who wish to enrich their vocabularies.

The examples of the sentences should be translated into Indonesian.

Good Luck!

Bekasi, 1st October, 2012






1 akuntan. 2 pendengar

Ex 1.: There are more and more external auditors that work for other companies.

Ex 2.: Many outsourcing companies recommend their auditors to control finances of other companies.

2.   TENANT  

kb. penyewa. t. farmer petani penyewa

Ex 1.: The rents are bigger and bigger and the number of tenants is falling down. People prefer to buy their own flat.

Ex 2.: Tenants are real victims of the economic recession: their payments are smaller, whereas their rents are not


invoice kb., paktur

Ex 1.: Do you need an invoice? No thanks, just a receipt please.

Ex 2.: We always ask for a collective invoice for office goods each month.


kb. 1 deposito, setoran, 2 uang tanggungan. -kkt. 1 Mendepositokan. 2 menumpuk.

Ex 1.: If you want to open this account, you need to pay at least $300 deposit into it.

Ex 2.: I paid $10 as a deposit so that the shop assistant could keep the jacket for me until the next day.

  1. LANDLORD         

kb. 1 tuan tanah. 2 lelaki pemilik pondokan atau rumah sewaan.

Ex 1.: Our landlord has increased the rent, but promised to buy new beds as well.

Ex 2.: After the students had thrown a big party, the landlord broke the contract and ordered to leave his flat in 3 days.

  1. SHARES (GB) / STOCKS (US)         

kb. 1 (plow-) mata bajak. 2 saham, andil. -kkt. 1 bersama-sama mendiami (a room, apartment). 2 bersama-sama menanggung (expenses, responsibility).

Ex 1.: I invest in shares and I’ve got some in France Telecom recently.

Ex 2.: Share prices on New York Stock Exchange have risen considerably, so it’s a good time to sell my shares.

7.   TO DEMORALISE        

kkt. 1 menghilangkan semangat. 2 mengacaukan

Ex 1.: The army was demoralised by another defeat.

Ex 2.: Children from good schools are often demoralised by heavy workload.

  1. 8.   TO STROLL        

kb. jalan-jalan. to go for or take a s. berjalan-jalan, pergi makan angin.

Ex 1.: I love strolling on the beach in the early morning. It’s so relaxing.

Ex 2.: Tourists stroll in the streets of holiday resorts the whole summer.

9.   SPY

kb. (j. spies) mata-mata. -kkt. (spied) melihat. I spied him in the mirror Saya melihatnya didalam cermin. -spying kb. spionase. He was hanged for s. Dia digantung karena menjadi mata-mata.

Ex 1.: The old lady is always spying on all her neighbours.

Ex 2.: Nobody expected that friendly Peter could be a spy who just wanted to know our plan of action to use it against us.

10.               DISTINCTIVE

ks. 1 khusus. d. manner of dress cara berpakaian khusus. 2 tersendiri. d. sound bunyi yang tersendiri.

Ex 1.: It’s easy to recognize him from distance because of his distincitive way of walking.

Ex 2.: I think I wouldn’t recognize him on the street, he isn’t a very distinctive person.

11.               CASTAWAY

kb. 1 orang yang kapalnya karam. 2 orang buangan masyarakat.

Ex 1.: The castaway of the shipwreck of 1990 survived on a desert island and was found in 2001 completely insane.

Ex 2.: The group of castaways managed to get to the land and spent 3 years trying to survive, but they were run out of food and they all died of starvation.

12.                DIVE

kb. penyelaman (of a submarine). . -kki. 1 terjun. 2 menyelam. 3 Inf.: masuk. 4 berkecimpung, terjun. 5. -diving kb

Ex 1.: She presented a graceful dive into the sea.

Ex 2.: They are diving to find treasure from the Italian shipwreck.

13.                ROTTEN

ks. 1 busuk (of food, air). 2 curang. 3 bangar, busuk sekali. 4 buruk. 5 tidak enak.

Ex 1.: What’s that terrible stink? It’s the rotten egg.

Ex 2.: The weather was awful and our flight was delayed. It was a rotten journey…

14.                STORAGE

kb. 1 penyimpanan. to place furniture in s. menempatkan perkakas-perkakas rumah di gudang. 2 tempat penyimpanan. 3 biaya penyimpanan (costs).

Ex 1.: Our furniture will remain in the storage until we find a new house.

Ex 2.: The goods are all in our storage, ready to send them to you if you buy them on the Internet.

15.                INTEREST RATE

interest kb. 1 perhatian, minat. 2 Fin.: bunga. 3 kepentingan. in the i. of demi kepentingan, untuk. -kkt. menarik perhatian. interest-bearing ks. berbunga. -interested ks. yang berkepentingan. -interesting ks


rate kb. 1 tarip, dasar, suku. 2 bea. 3 kurs. 4 angka. 5 kecepatan. -kkt. 1 menilai. 2 menghitung. 3 menaksir, memberi harga. 4 pantas menerima tanda-tanda penghargaan yang diterimanya (a medal). -rating k

Ex 1.: High interest rates discourage people from taking loans.

Ex 2.: The best advertisement for a bank is to offer low interest rates.

16.                EVALUATION

kb. evaluasi, penilaian,penaksiran.

Ex 1.: The evaluation of the progress of the group is impossible, unless we have a feedback from their teacher.

Ex 2.: The evaluation of this method may take place only when there is a group of volunteers who will try it.

17.                TO SCRATCH

scratch kb. 1 luka garutan. 2 luka kecil. 3 penggarukan, penggoresan (at the door pada pintu). 4 goresan (on a chair, table). 5 gurat, goresan (on paper). -scratching kb. 1 penggarukan, penggarutan. 2 goresan

Ex 1.: I left my car near the forest and I found it in the morning with the roof scratched heavily by the falling branches.

Ex 2.: I hate small dogs and cats. They bite and scratch your hands.

18.                CHALLENGE

challenge kb. 1 tantangan. 2 teguran. 3 penolakan, keberatan. -kkt. 1 menantang. 2 menegur. 3 meragukan. -challenging ks. menarik, menantang. He has a c. job. Pekerjaannya sangat menarik.

Ex 1.: It was a very difficult task but she rose to the challenge.

Ex 2.: Bribery is one of the biggest challenges that the government has to deal with.

19.                DISCOUNT

kb. potongan , korting. at a d. dengan potongan harga. d. house/store toko yang memberi potongan. -kkt. mengabaikan, melalaikan. to d. much of what one says mengabaikan banyak hal yang dikatakannya.

Ex 1.: If you buy more than one exemplar, you’ll get a discount of 15%.

Ex 2.: Polish railways offer 33% discount for students.

20.                REFUND

kb. pembayaran kembali. -kkt. mengembalikan uang, membayar kembali.

Ex 1.: I took the computer back to the shop and I was given a refund.
Ex 2.: I was not satisfied with the journey, so the travel agency decided to give me 50% refund.

21.                TO SNIFF

kb. 1 bau (of perfume) . 2 hirupan (of fresh air). -kkt. 1 mencium bau (food). 2 menghirup (vapor).

Ex 1.: What a nice perfume! – he said sniffing.
Ex 2.: The dogs sniffed at my bag, because I had some food in it.


22.                TO COMB

kb. 1 sisir, sikat. 2  jengger (of a cock). -kkt. 1 menyisir. 2 menjelajah. to c. out 1 menyisir. 2 mencari dengan teliti.

Ex 1.: Comb your hair before you go out or at least tie them up.
Ex 2.: When she combs herself, her weak hair are falling out.

23.                TO SWALLOW

kb. 1 teguk (of liquid). 2 burung layang-layang. -kkt. 1 menelan (food, drink). 2 mengenyampingkan (o’s pride). 3 menerima.

Ex 1.: He swallowed and then began his speech.
Ex 2.: People are crazy to keep snakes at home. It was not the first time a python swallowed a man.

24.                TO SUCK

kb. isap, teguk (of a soft drink, at a bottle). -kkt. 1 mengisap, (thumb, lollipop, water). 2 menetek (the breast). 3 menelan. -kki. to s. at mengisap (a pipe).

Ex 1.: Don’t suck so many sweets, or you’ll have to go to the dentist!
Ex 2.: The sleeping baby was sucking its thumb.

25.                TO SNORE

kb. dengkur, orok. -kki. berdengkur, mengorok. -snoring kb. dengkur.

Ex 1.: I can’t sleep at night, because my husband snores terribly.
Ex 2.: We knew that he was already asleep, because we could hear him snoring.


26.                TO BLINK mengejapkan

Ex 1.: He blinked when he came out into the light of the day.
Ex 2.: Blink several times to get the lash out of your eye.

27.                TO BUMP INTO

kb. benjol, jendul. -kkt. 1 menabrak, menubruk. 2 Inf.: menggeser dan mengambil tempat orang lain.

Ex 1.: What a surprise! I bumped into John when I was in Los Angeles.
Ex 2.: I was fired, because I bumped into my boss in the pub, whereas I should have been ill in hospital.

28.                TO BLEED

kkt. (bled) mengambil/mengeluarkan darah. -kki. 1 berdarah. 2 mengeluarkan darah. 3 luka, sedih. 4 berkorban. – bleeding kb. perdarahan (dari hidung, dsb.).

Ex 1.: I fell from the stairs and my leg was bleeding heavily.
Ex 2.: Your hand is bleeding, what happened? I accidentally cut myself with a knife.

29.                TO EXAMINE

kkt. 1 memeriksa (a patient, baggage, witness, record). 2 menguji (student).

Ex 1.: Every luggage will be examined at the airport.
Ex 2.: Several doctors examined him thoroughly, but none of them found the cause of his migraines.

30.                TO SPOT

kb. noda (on o’s clothing). 2 bintik. 3 tempat. 4 sedikit. 5 beruntusan (on skin). -spotted ks. berbintik, ber(tutul). s. cat kucing tutul. s. fever penyakit demam yang menimbulkan bintik-bintik

Ex 1.: He spotted me in the crowd at the concert.
Ex 2.: Look a the two pictures and spot 14 differences between them.

31.                BLAND

ks. 1 lunak. b. diet makanan lunak. 2 lemah lembut. b. smile senyum yang lemah lembut.

Ex 1.: I find this food very bland. I think we should add some pepper.
Ex 2.: I don’t like bland reviews of films. They actually tell you nothing.

32.                INVENTORY

kb. (j. -ries) 1 inventaris. 2 (stocktaking) inventarisasi. to take i. menginventarisasikan. -kkt. menginventarisasikan.

Ex 1.: Two new chairs and a big wardrobe appeared on the inventory of our room in the dormitory.
Ex 2.: Their inventory of used computer equipment is the best in the city.

33.                OFFEROR / OFFEREE

offeree orang yang diberitawaran

Ex 1.: I can’t stand all those offerors in the streets trying to pursuade me to buy something I don’t need at all.
Ex 2.: Their sales representatives get money for each offeree that will agree to use their services.

34.                TO WITHDRAW MONEY

withdraw kkt. (withdrew, withdrawn) menarik, mengambil (o’s hand, o’s savings). -kki. 1 menarik diri (from dari) (a contest). 2 meninggalkan. -withdrawn ks. pendiam, suka menyendiri (of personality).

Ex 1.: You may withdraw $300 from your account each day from cash dispensers.
Ex 2.: Somebody had stolen my credit cards and I found out later that all my money was withdrawn from my accounts

35.                TO ACCELERATE

kkt. mempercepat,melajukan.-kki. mempercepatkan jalannya.

Ex 1.: The car accelerated to overtake the lorry.
Ex 2.: The country has to face a new problem: annual inflation accelerated up to 3% in March.

36.                TO TREAD

kb. 1 tapak, telapak(an) (on a tire). 2 langkah-langkah (of feet). 3 anak-anak tangga (on stairs). 4 telapak (on rubbers shoes). -kkt. (trod, trodden atau trod) 1 menempuh (a path). 2 menginjak-injak

Ex 1.: Don’t tread on the floor! I’ve just washed it.
Ex 2.: We trod carefully between the sleeping dogs, not to wake them up.

37.                TO COLLABORATE

kki. bekerjasama. to c. on a new song bekerjasama dalam menggubah nyanyian baru. to with the enemy bekerjasama dengan musuh.

Ex 1.: They are collaborating with Microsoft on the new software.
Ex 2.: He was accused of collaborating with the enemy and was sentenced to death.

38.                TROUBLESOME

ks. 1 menyusahkan. His broken arm is t. Lengannya yang patah menyusahkan. 2 yang suka mengganggu (of a person or group).

Ex 1.: I’m going to the dentist today with my troublesome tooth.
Ex 2.: She has so many problems with her troublesome children.

39.                HARD-HEARTED

Ex 1.: He’s too hard-hearted to feel sorry about the poor people in the world.
Ex 2.: I couldn’t marry man like him. He’s hard-hearted and seems not to care about the others.

40.                CHANCY

ks. Inf.: untung-untungan. Going out in bad weather like this is c. Bepergian dalam cuaca seburuk ini adalah untung-untungan.

Ex 1.: It was a chancy thing to do. You could have died!
Ex 2.: The more chancy the thing is, the more he enjoys it. I’ve just told him how irresponsible he is!

41.                                             TO TRANSMIT       

kkt. (transmitted) 1 mengirimkan (a message, money). 2 menjangkitkan, menularkan, menyebarkan (disease). 3 meneruskan, membawa

Ex 1.: My favourite programme wasn’t transmitted yesterday because of bad weather conditions.
Ex 2.: The disease transmitted incredibly fast, killing every person that was affected.

42.                CONVENIENT

ks. baik sekali, tepat. 2 sesuai, cocok. 3 tidak menyusahkan. 4 dekat, tidak jauh. -conveniently kk. dengan baik sekali.

Ex 1.: We may meet at any time convenient to you.
Ex 2.: The room with all its useful electronic devices is very convenient.

43.                TO PRONOUNCE

kkt. 1 mengucapkan, melafalkan (a name, word). 2 Law.: menjatuhkan (hukuman). 3 menyatakan. -pronounced ks. 1 berat. 2 nyata, tegas. pronouncing dictionary kamus yang memuat ucapan kata-kata.

Ex 1.: Don’t pronounce the letter “k” in the word “know”.
Ex 2.: Sorry, I didn’t catch your name, could you pronounce it?

44.                ACCESSIBLE

ks. dapat diperoleh.2 dapat menerima, dpt dicapai.3 dpt diambil 4 mudah didatangi,5 dpt didatangi.

Ex 1.: The city is accessible only by boat or plane.
Ex 2.: The book is not accessible for children below 12.


45.                TO ESTIMATE

kb. 1 perkiraan, kalkulasi, taksiran. 2 penilaian. -estimates j. anggaran belanja. -kkt. menaksir.

Ex 1.: I tried to estimate how far the town is, but it was difficult as the map was not very precise.
Ex 2.: It’s been estimated that less and less people are likely to live to be 100 years old.

46.                MATURE

ks. 1 dewasa. 2 masak (of fruit,cheese). 3 matang. -kki. menjadi dewasa.

Ex 1.: He’s only 15, but his mature approach to life is unbelievable.
Ex 2.: When she left home to study in a foreign country she became more mature than I’ve ever expected.

47.                INDECISIVE

ks. bimbang, ragu-ragu, tidak tegas, tidak pasti. The outcome of the battle was i. Hasil pertempuran itu belum dapat dipastikan.

Ex 1.: I can’t stand his indecisive answers! I never know what’s going on in his mind.
Ex 2.: She didn’t get this job, because she was so indecisive during the job interview

48.                TO RUB

kb. 1 gosokan (of a cloth on s.t.). 2 kesukaran. -kkt. (rubbed) 1 menggosok (o’s hands with s.t.). 2 menggosok-gosokkan (o’s hands together, two stones together). -kki. 1 menggosok. 2 bergesek (agains

Ex 1.: I can’t stop rubbing my arm. I think a mosquito bit me again.
Ex 2.: My new pair of shoes has been rubbing on my toe. I think I chose a wrong size.

49.                DISGUSTED

disgust kb. kejijikan, kemuakan. -kkt. 1 menjijikkan. 2 memuakkan. 3 benci akan. -disgusted ks. jijik. -disgusting ks. 1 cabul (book movie). 2 menjijikkan. -disgustingly kk. yang menjijikkan.

Ex 1.: We’re all disgusted at the way he treats his parents. He shows no respect.
Ex 2.: “I’m disgusted by the smell in your kitchen! What is it?” “A rotten egg”.

50.                TO HUG

kb. peluk(an), rangkulan, rangkuman. -kkt. (hugged) 1 memeluk, merangkul, merangkum. 2 melanggar (the curb). 3 menyusur (the shore).

Ex 1.: She hugged him tightly, because she really missed him.
Ex 2.: The mother hugged the child after he apologized to her for his bad behaviour.

51.                TO DRAG

kb. 1 tarikan. 2 Sl.: isapan (an a cigarette). 3 pengerem, penahan. 4 Sl.: seorang yang membosankan. -kkt. (dragged) 1 mengeruk. 2 menarik, menyeret. 3 memaksa pergi. -kki. 1 berlarut-larut. 2 terseret

Ex 1.: She dragged her luggage across the platform and no man helped her.
Ex 2.: He dragged him to the ground and hit him for having an affair with his wife.

52.                NUISANCE

kb. gangguan, susah. Ties are a n. Dasi menyusahkan.

Ex 1.: Everybody that suffered any type of migrane would tell you that it’s a nuisance.
Ex 2.: Growing up four nasty children without their father was a real nuisance for her.

53.                QUARREL

quarrel kb. perselisihan, pertengkaran, percekcokan. I have no q. with him Aku tak ada perselisihan dengannya. -kki. bertengkar, berselisih, bercekcok. -quarreling kb. bertengkar.

Ex 1.: After a quarrel they decided to split up.
Ex 2.: Our neighbours quarrel all the time, preventing me from falling asleep.

54.                ORDINARY

kb. out of the o. luar biasa, aneh. -ks. biasa. o. house rumah biasa. -ordinarily kk. biasanya.

Ex 1.: They’ve got an ordinary sort of house, it’s really nothing special.
Ex 2.: People wake up every morning to start another ordinary day.

55.                SUBORDINATE

kb. seorang bawahan. -ks. Gram.: berpangkat lebih rendah. -kkt. mengebawahkan, menempatkan lebih rendah, mengemudiankan, menangguhkan.

Ex 1.: The boss always gives the routine paper work to his subordinates.
Ex 2.: Subordinates are often treated badly by their superiors.

56.                TO LAUNCH A PRODUCT

kkt. 1 meluncurkan. 2 melancarkan, memasukkan (s.o. in business). 3 mengadakan (attack, co

Ex 1.: Manufacturers do numerous market researches before they decide to launch a new product.
Ex 2.: Every product that was launched by top Japanese manufacturers was a hit.

57.                MARKET SEGMENTATION

market kb. 1 pasar. 2 pasaran. 3 pasar bursa. -kkt. menjual, memperjual- belikan, memasarkan. m. basket keranjang belanja. -marketing kb. 1 pemasaran, perdagangan. 2 belanja. to go m. berbelanja

segmentation kb. pembagian menjadi ruas-ruas.

Ex 1.: The bases for market segmentation include, for example, age, sex and occupation of prospective clients.
Ex 2.: Market segmentation is based on consumers and allows companies to adjust their sales program to the consumers’ needs.

58.                CRUEL

ks. kejam, bengis, lalim. He is c. to his dog Ia kejam terhadap anjingnya.

Ex 1.: The guards were very cruel to the prisoners.
Ex 2.: Vegetarians claim that eating animals is cruel.

59.                SINCERE

sincere ks. tulus hati. 2 bersungguh-sungguh. -sincerely kk. sungguh-sungguh.

Ex 1.: I’m sure he was not sincere in what he said to me last night. He often tells lies.
Ex 2.: He’s a great actor. He’s so sincere in what he does!

60.                MODEST

modest ks. 1 rendah hati, sederhana (in o’s attitude). 2 sedang (of income). 3 sopan. -modestly kk. 1 sederhana. 2 dengan rendah hati.

Ex 1.: She was so modest about her success. She said that it was nothing extraordinary.
Ex 2.: He’s rich but modest. He never makes the other feel worse.

61.                TO EMBODY

embody kkt. (embodied) 1 mewujudkan. 2 menaruh, menambahkan, membubuhkan, memasukkan.

Ex 1.: The constitution embodies the ideals of freedom and equality.
Ex 2.: Her enemies claim that she embodies the evil of this world.


62.                TO SUE

sue kkt. menggugat, menuntut. to s. for divorce menuntut/minta cerai. -kki. 1 menuntut, menggugat. 2 memohonkan. to s. for peace memohonkan perdamaian.

Ex 1.: If you don’t leave my daughter alone, I’ll sue you for disturbing our peace.
Ex 2.: James sued his own son for stealing the money.

63.                AFFLUENT

affluent makmur

Ex 1.: She could always afford everything, because of her affluent parents.
Ex 2.: People say that affluent nations should have a moral obligation to help the developing countries.


64.                BREAKTHROUGH


Ex 1.: The invention of penicillin was a breakthrough in the treatment of many diseases.
Ex 2.: I believe that marrying him was a breakthrough in my life. It changed everything for better.

65.                BLISSFUL

blissful berbahagia

Ex 1.: We spent a blissful weekend in the mountains: only nature and our love!
Ex 2.: The first summer sunshine made me feel so blissful after the dark, unpleasant winter.

66.                TO REVEAL

reveal kkt. 1 menyatakan (o’s age). 2 menampakkan. 3 membuka (a secret, o’s purpose). 4 mengungkapkan (the facts). -revealing ks. 1 yang membuka pikiran (news, lecture). 2 yang menampakkan bagian badan yang

Ex 1.: The front gate opened revealing the magnificent inner court of the castle.
Ex 2.: All men in the village were interested in her, but she suddenly revealed that she’s married.

67.                GLOSS

gloss kb. permukaan yang halus (of furniture). 2 terjemahan, komentar, keterangan. -kkt. membubuhi catatan atau keterangan.

Ex 1.: He still remembers the gloss on her hair when she turned her face into the sun. He fell in love at once.
Ex 2.: The new shoe cream provides a high gloss to your leather shoes!

68.                TO WINCE

wince kb. kedip, kelip, kejap. -kki. bergerenyit, menggerenyit.

Ex 1.: I’m afraid of snakes and I always wince when I see them.
Ex 2.: She winced when he told her how much they have to pay.

69.                TO MAKE OUT


Ex 1.: I could hear their voices, but I couldn’t make out what they were talking about. It was noisy outside.
Ex 2.: He makes out that he’s a qualified translator, but his English is not fluent.

70.                SEMINAL

seminal ks. 1 yang berkaitan dengan mani. s. fluid air mani. 2 mempunyai kemungkinan berkembang di masa depan.

Ex 1.: Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory was seminal not only to biology, but also to anthropology, philosophy and psychology.
Ex 2.: Röntgen’s discovery of X-rays was a great scientific achievement, seminal to the medicine.

71.                MANSION

mansion kb. rumah yang besar.

Ex 1.: Many rich people are lonely. They go back every day to their sad mansions where they’ve grown used to their servants.
Ex 2.: This beautiful mansion, surrounded by huge gardens with pools, once belonged to Michael Jackson.

72.                TO OVERTAKE

overtake kkt. (overtook, overtaken) menyusul. His car overtook hers Mobilnya mendekati mobil wanita itu (dari belakang).

Ex 1.: During rush hours in big cities, cars in traffic jams are overtaken by pedestrians. It makes the drivers furious.
Ex 2.: The road was so narrow that we couldn’t overtake the car before us.

73.                PENMANSHIP

penmanship kb. keahlian menulis indah, tulisan indah.

Ex 1.: God knows what he’s written here! His penmanship is so poor.
Ex 2.: Children are often judged at school by their penmanship. I always had good grades due to my clear handwriting.

74.                PECULIAR

peculiar ks. 1 ganjil. 2 aneh. 3 khas. -peculiarly kk. secara khusus/istimewa.

Ex 1.: This food has got a peculiar taste. Isn’t it rotten?
Ex 2.: This extremely colorful style of clothing is peculiar to the north-east of the country.

75.                INFINITY

infinity kb. (j. -ties) jumlah tak berakhir. to count to i. menghitung sampai berapa saja/tak terbatas

Ex 1.: Many ancient philosophers believed that every existence had originated from the Infinity.
Ex 2.: The infinity of tasks that we were supposed to do made us really angry.


76.                TO BRAINWASH

brainwash kkt. mengindoktrinasi. -brainwashing kb. indoktrinasi.

Ex 1.: It’s not the first time the advertisements have brainwashed you into buying another useless thing.
Ex 2.: The regime of Adolf Hitler successfully brainwashed the masses hoping for better life.

77.                TO ENCHANT

enchant kkt. mempesonakan, memikat, menawan hati. The view enchanted us Pemandangan itu mempesonakan kita. -enchanting ks. mempesonakan, memikat. The shadow play is e. Wayang itu mempesonakan.

Ex 1.: The Sleeping Beauty was enchanted by the evil witch and fell asleep for 100 years.
Ex 2.: I was enchanted to see the mountains for the first time. I must have been staring at them for nearly two hours, because I didn’t notice that it got dark.

78.                TO MELT

melt kkt. (melted, melted atau molten) 1 (dissolve) melarutkan, melebur. 2 mencairkan (butter, lard). 3 menghalau (fog, mist). 4 meluluhkan (o’s heart). -molten ks. dicairkan. -melting ks. yang mencair.

Ex 1.: The global warming causes the icebergs to melt and therefore many small islands face the danger of becoming completely covered with water.
Ex 2.: Keep chocolate in your fridge during summer days, unless you want it to melt.

79.                BRANCH

branch kb. 1 dahan, ranting. 2 cabang, filial. 3 anak sungai. -kki. bercabang.

Ex 1.: All branches of the tree in front of my house were cut, not to hurt anyone in case of storm.
Ex 2.: Our company have branches in most major cities in the world now. That’s why we’re recruiting new candidates.

80.                TO CLING

cling kki. (clung) 1 berpegang teguh. 2 melengket, melekat. clinging vine seorang wanita yang tidak bisa berdiri sendiri.

Ex 1.: The child is extremely shy and always keeps clinging to its mother.
Ex 2.: He still clings to the belief that his wife is alive. It seems that he’s losing his mind.

81.                SUICIDE

suicide kb. 1 bunuh diri. to commit s. (melakukan) bunuh diri. 2 orang yang bunuh diri.

Ex 1.: After her husband had died, she tried to commit suicide. Fortunately, her daughter found her in time to call the ambulance.
Ex 2.: Many Japanese commit suicide due to work-related stress.

82.                FREELANCER

Ex 1.: I wouldn’t like working for anyone else. I’d rather be a freelancer and have one-man business.
Ex 2.: Many people enjoy the corporate culture and working in a team, so they cannot imagine being a freelancer.

83.                TO EXPLORE

explore kkt. 1 menjelajahi (an island, cave). 2 menyelidiki (opportunies). 3 memeriksa (a wound). -kki. mengadakan penyelidikan. to e. for uranium mengadakan penyelidikan untuk menemukan uranium.

Ex 1.: Roald Amundsen is said to have been the first to explore the North Pole.
Ex 2.: We spent a month exploring the western coast, but there was nothing particularly interesting about it, except some rare animal species.

84.                DAWN

dawn kb. 1 subuh, fajar. 2 permulaan. -kki. menyingsing.

Ex 1.: People from villages wake up at dawn and start working. I can’t imagine living like that. I’d rather sleep until midday.
Ex 2.: When I was a child, I used to wake up at dawn and watch the sun rising.

85.                TO MAINTAIN

maintain kkt. 1 memelihara (under, health). 2 menegakkan (discipline). 3 membiayai (o’s family). 4 mengurus (an office). 5 mempertahankan (o’s skill).

Ex 1.: The top priority of out company is to maintain our high standards.
Ex 2.: Large buildings are very costly to maintain.

86.                MARKET SHARE

Ex 1.: Google’s market share has recently increased from 10,0% to 17,5%.
Ex 2.: Nokia is still the leader with the market share of 11,5%.

87.                COMMITMENT

commitment kb. 1 janji. to fulfil o’s commitments memenuhi janji-janjinya. 2 tanggung jawab. military c. tanggung jawab militer.

Ex 1.: He’s known in the town for his commitment to right-wing politics.
Ex 2.: I’m afraid she’s got too many commitment this month to help you with your project.

88.                TO SET OBJECTIVES

Ex 1.: The Ministry of Education has set new school objectives.
Ex 2.: It’s difficult for a company to set objectives when the situation in the market is not clear.

89.                TO PIERCE

pierce kkt. 1 menembus (of a needle, screams). 2 menyerbu. 3 menusuk. -piercing ks. tajam-menusuk (of eyes, screams).

Ex 1.: Most women have had their ears pierced, so that they can wear jewellery.
Ex 2.: Last summer his leg was pierced with a knife. He hasn’t gotten over it yet.

90.                WRINKLE

wrinkle kb. 1 kerut, kerenyut, keriput (in o’s face, in clothes). 2 Inf.: gagasan, akal. -kkt. mengisutkan, mengerutkan . -kki. menjadi kusut. -wrinkled ks. 1 berkerut, berkerenyut, kisut (of face). 2 kusut (

Ex 1.: Human faces become covered with wrinkles, as a result of the natural process of ageing.
Ex 2.: She couldn’t stand the growing number of wrinkles on her face, so she decided on a plastic surgery.

91.                TO WINK

wink kb. 1 kedip(an). 2 sebentar. -kkt. memberi isyarat dengan kedipan mata (to kepada). -kki. 1 mengedipkan mata (of a person). 2 berkedip-kedip (of a stars).

Ex 1.: When he told us the amazing story of his last journey, everyone opened their mouths in astonishment. Then, he winked at me and I knew that he made it up again!
Ex 2.: He winked at her in the club, which made her smile. Then, he came up to her and suggested a drink at the bar. Two years later they got married.

92.                TO CARRY OUT


Ex 1.: You shouldn’t blame them. They were only carrying out their orders.
Ex 2.: The research on human brain was carried out at the University of Vienna.

93.                HAIL

hail kb. 1 hujan batu es. 2 hujan (of bullets). -kkt. 1 berteriak kepada. 2 mengelu-elukan (the winner). 3 memanggil(kan) (a cab). 4 menerima, menyambut. 5 menghujani. -kki. hujan (batu) es. to h. from ber

Ex 1.: A lot of roofs, cars and crops were damaged by tennis-ball sized hail last Monday.
Ex 2.: Even if you experience damage to your property from hail, there is no guarantee that you will get an insurance payout.

94.                RELUCTANT

reluctant ks. segan (hati), enggan. to be r. to call the police enggan memanggil polisi. -reluctantly kk. dengan rasa malas.

Ex 1.: He gave a reluctant answer to her question. No wonder. He hates being asked about his private life.
Ex 2.: She’s always been reluctant to cooking. She would rather die of hunger than cook something for herself.

95.                AVALANCHE

avalanche kb. 1 salju/es longsor. 2 tanah/batu longsor. He was subjected to an a. of questions Ia dihujani pertanyaan – pertanyaan

Ex 1.: The avalanche fell on the ski track yesterday resulting in 48 injuries.
Ex 2.: If you make a noise in the mountains, you may cause an avalanche and frighten animals.

96.                TO MAKE UP

Ex 1.: They later found out that Kate made up the whole story. It made her laugh that everybody believed her.
Ex 2.: The long and sunny spring made up for the cold and particularly unpleasant winter.

97.                TO CONFESS

confess kkt. mengakui. to c. o’s sins mengakui dosa-dosanya. -kki mengaku(i). -confessed ks. yang telah mengaku.

Ex 1.: He has finally confessed to all his crimes and has been sentenced to prison.
Ex 2.: The children confessed that they ate all the cakes, which made their mother less angry with them.

98.                MONASTERY

monastery kb. (j. -ries) biara.

Ex 1.: Medieval monasteries were not only the houses of prayer, but they were also the centres of education.
Ex 2.: The well-preserved English monasteries attract thousands of tourists who are interested in the ideological and intellectual lives of medieval monks.

99.                TO PREACH

preach kkt. 1 mengajarkan (the Gospel). 2 menasehati. -preaching kb. khotbah, pengajaran. 2 penyebaran kata-kata nasehat.

Ex 1.: Last Sunday the priest preached a sermon on the importance of helping the poor.
Ex 2.: He always preaches nationalism, trying to revive its spirit among the society.

100.             TREACHEROUS

treacherous ks. 1 khianat, curang (of a person). 2 berbahaya. t. shoals beting-beting yang berbahaya.

Ex 1.: Don’t trust him. He proved himself to be treacherous many times.
Ex 2.: This path is very treacherous. It’s easy only at the beginning, but then it leads you to an abrupt cliff.

101.   SMIRK

smirk kb. senyuman menyeringai. -kki. tersenyum dibuat-buat. His smirking annoyed me Senyumannya yang menunjukkan keangkuhan itu menjengkelkan hati saya.

Ex 1.: He always thought of himself as being better and more intelligent than the others. I haven’t seen him for years but I still see him in my mind smirking at me.
Ex 2.: Many years have passed since the day she won, but she’s never lost that evil smirk on her face.


application kb. 1 (surat) lamaran/permintaan. 2 penggunaaan, pent(e)rapan.3 ketekunan.

Ex 1.: I’ve sent 10 applications for different jobs and haven’t received any answer yet.
Ex 2.: If you want to go to the USA, you’ll have to fill in the application form for your visa first.

103.   PERKY

perky ks. keren, gagah, megah.

Ex 1.: He always had this annoying habit of staying perky, even when all people around were depressed and despaired.
Ex 2.: I greatly admire those who seem so perky even at 6 a.m. when they travel to work.

104.   TO FORGE

forge kb. tempat bekerja pandai besi. -kkt. 1 menempa. to f. on iron bar menempa sebatang besi. 2 memalsukan. to f. o’s name on a check memalsukan namanya pada cek. to f. a head maju sedikit demi sedikit. –

Ex 1.: He was arrested, because he tried to cross the border having a forged passport.
Ex 2.: She got the money by forging her father’s signature on a cheque.

105.   TO DILUTE

dilute kkt. mencairkan, menipiskan. -diluted ks. yang ditambah air. d. orange juice air jeruk yang ditambah air.

Ex 1.: The painter must dilute the paint with water before he starts his work.
Ex 2.: The diluted penicilline sold at the black market caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

106.   REMARK

remark kb. 1 ucapan, kata-kata. 2 (unpleasant) teguran. -kkt. berkata. She remarked that… Ia berkata bahwa…. -kki. to r. on memuji.

Ex 1.: At first he didn’t say anything about her play. Later on, he remarked that it wasn’t as good as he expected.
Ex 2.: John apologized me for addressing a fair number of unpleasant remarks to my wife in the past.

107.   TO EXTEND

extend kkt. 1 memperpanjang (a visa, ladder, vacation. 2 menyampaikan. 3 mengulurkan. 4 memberikan. 5 memperluas. -kki. sampai. extended ks. secara luas, diperpanjang.

Ex 1.: Our company is going to extend its operations into Europe. It’ll surely increase our profits.
Ex 2.: We will probably have to extend the no-smoking area. There’s not enough space now.

108.   VICTIM

victim kb. korban. v. of circumstances korban keadaan. to fall v. to menjadi korban.

Ex 1.: The real victims of the war are the children left without parents.
Ex 2.: The victim of the fire was young girl. She managed to put out the flames, but suffered severe burns to her face.


exhausted melelahkan

Ex 1.: She is exhausted after studying whole night.
Ex 2.: She is winding up, relaxing after exhausting work.


deadline kb. 1 saat terakhir untuk memasukkan berita. to meet a d. memenuhi batas waktu. 2 baris kun

Ex 1.: He’s missed the deadline for application again. He will never find a job if he’s so careless!
Ex 2.: We are working even 12 hours a day on this project. The deadline is near.


ambition kb. ambisi, hasrat, cita-cita. His a. life is to be a lawyer Cita-cita hidupnya ialah menjadi pengacara. to make it s.o.’s a. menjadikan cita-cita seseorang.

Ex 1.: His main ambition is to become wealthy in a short period of time.
Ex 2.: After she got pregnant, she abandoned her ambition of becoming the executive officer.


agreement kb. 1 persetujuan, permufakatan, perjanjian. 2 persesuaian, cocok, sesuai.

Ex 1.: We’ve signed the cooperation agreement with one of the biggest corporations in the world.
Ex 2.: The company renewed the agreement with its supplier, because the management was very satisfied with their cooperation.


interact kki. bergaul, pengaruh-mempengaruhi (with dengan).

Ex 1.: A good teacher should interact well with all students.
Ex 2.: Our boss interacts well with the staff, which creates a positive atmosphere in the workplace.


Ex 1.: Employing staff that takes care of recruitment procedures is a typical example of outsourcing.
Ex 2.: Many employers are afraid that the high number of outsourcing services in the market would mean more dismissals.

115.   BRIBE

bribe kb. (uang) sogok, suap, uang semir. -kkt. menyogok,

Ex 1.: Our last boss was convicted for 5 years’ imprisonment for accepting bribes.
Ex 2.: Doctors are believed to take bribes from drug companies.


complaint kb. 1 keluhan. A sore throat is a common c. Kerongkongan yang sakit adalah keluhan umum. 2 pengaduan. legitimate c. pengaduan yang sah.

Ex 1.: We’ve received several complaints about the poor service in our head office.
Ex 2.: I’ve sent them a letter of complaint recently, because the book they sent me last week has many blank pages.


feedback kb. 1 skakelar arus balik. 2 pengaruh arus-balik.

Ex 1.: Teachers should always remember to give their students feedbacks on every task they perform.
Ex 2.: We’ve received a feedback from our recent guests that they are fully satisfied with their visit in our company.


assessment kb. 1 taksiran, penaksiran. a. of a house taksiran sebuah rumah. 2 penilaian. a. of a situation penilaian keadaan. 3 beban, pembebanan, pemikulan.

Ex 1.: The accurate assessment of production efficiency must be made every month.
Ex 2.: Magazines often conduct evaluation and assessment of various products in the market.


provider kb. pemberi nafkah.

Ex 1.: Banks are still major providers of financial services to people.
Ex 2.: I’m not satisfied with my Internet provider; there are connection failures every single day and the prices are still rising.


exchange kb. 1 penukaran. 2 Fin.: kurs. 3 pertukaran. 4 kantor (pusat). 5 (stock) bursa. -kkt. 1 bertukar. 2 menukarkan. 3 bertukaran. 4 tukar-menukar. 5 saling memberi.

rate kb. 1 tarip, dasar, suku. 2 bea. 3 kurs. 4 angka. 5 kecepatan. -kkt. 1 menilai. 2 menghitung. 3 menaksir, memberi harga. 4 pantas menerima tanda-tanda penghargaan yang diterimanya (a medal). -rating k

Ex 1.: I took a foreign currency loan, because the exchange rate was favourable then.
Ex 2.: The exchange rate forecast predicts pound slide against dollar this week.


market kb. 1 pasar. 2 pasaran. 3 pasar bursa. -kkt. menjual, memperjual- belikan, memasarkan. m. basket keranjang belanja. -marketing kb. 1 pemasaran, perdagangan. 2 belanja. to go m. berbelanja.

research kb. riset, penelitian, penyelidikan. scientific r. penelitian ilmiah. -kkt. meneliti, menyelidiki.

Ex 1.: The latest market research has shown that the demand for luxury goods has fallen dramatically

Ex 2.: The exact analysis of market research reports helps to avoid unnecessary losses of companies.


efficient ks. 1 tepatguna, berdayaguna, efisien. e. housekeeper pengatur rumah tangga yang tepat guna. 2 yang menghasilkan.

Ex 1.: Since we have new supervisory staff, our company is definitely more efficient.
Ex 2.: Many companies provide their workers with free entrances to fitness centres and swimming pools, as they believe that such kind of relax makes them more efficient at work.


Ex 1.: One of the most important tasks of a brand manager is to create a good brand image among consumers.

Ex 2.: A good brand manager knows how to increase brand awarness among people, not only by simple advertising.


Ex 1.: Nokia is major manufacturer of mobile phones.
Ex 2.: My printer was damaged, so I sent it back to the manufacturer.


Ex 1.: Thanks to the new manager, the company’s profits have grown rapidly.
Ex 2.: The number of restaurants has grown rapidly since tourists started to visit our town.


Ex 1.: Large shops have good turnover before Christmas.
Ex 2.: Our business has an annual turnover of $150.000.


Ex 1.: Health services should be improved to provide people with easier access to all doctors specialists.

Ex 2.: The only bad thing about this hotel is its slow service. I waited almost 2 hours for them to bring me what I asked for.

128.   REWARD

Ex 1.: The police have promised a reward for revealing the hiding place of the murderer.
Ex 2.: Our boss often gives rewards to employees who contribute to the company’s success.


Ex 1.: The basic aims of the government’s new policy are to reduce the budget deficit and provide people with sufficient healthcare.

Ex 2.: The basic aims of our business activity this month are to increase sales and get new customers.


Ex 1.: The money she earns translating documents is just a supplement to her main income.

Ex 2.: If you want to use the hotel swimming pool and sauna, you will have to pay a supplement to your accommodation.


Ex 1.: The company seems incapable of protecting itself against the competition.

Ex 2.: I think she’s incapable of walking past a clothes shop without buying something.


Ex 1.: With good references you have a big chance of getting your dream job.

Ex 2.: Young people often start low but after they gain some experience and get references from previous employers, they move up and find better jobs.


Ex 1.: The government decided to negotiate with the nurses on strike.

Ex 2.: We are negotiating a new contract with our overseas customer.


Ex 1.: Many people argue whether objective moral standards really exist.

Ex 2.: Employees need a friendly and fair atmosphere, which is impossible when moral standards are corrupted in a company.

135.   VACANCY

Ex 1.: There are three vacancies for shop assistants in the new shopping mall.

Ex 2.: I wonder if the vacancy for a secretary advertised last week is still on.


Ex 1.: There has been rapid expansion of the electronics industry, which results from technical development.

Ex 2.: The multinational companies’ expansion is one of the reasons for globalization.


Kumpulan Phrasal verb


– Abound with = penuh dengan
– A breast of = tidak sejalur
– Abstain from = berpantang , berpuasa
– According with = sesuai dengan
– According to = berdasarkan , menurut
– Acqult of = melakukan pembebasan
– Aggrieved at = kecil hati
– Aggre with = sepakat dengn
– Aggre to = mengizinkan
– A head of = di muka
– Get a head of = mengerjakan
– A lien to = tidak alami
– A live to = bangun , sadar
– A live with = penuh kehidupan

– Bank on = berdasar pda
– Bare of = dengan tidak hampa
– Bergain for = mengharapkan
– Baed on = berdasarkan kepada
– Go to bat for = mempertahankan
– Bay at = menyalakan terus
– Draw bead on = membidik hati-hati
– Bear with = meletakkn perahu
– In behalf of = penjelasan
– Believe in = percayakan
– Belong to = bagian dari
– Dable in = mendusahakan barang
– Deal in = berdagang
– Deal with = mengerjakan , bersetuju
– Defer to = tunduk kepala
– Defiance of = walaupun , meskipun
– Tke delight in = suka akan
– Despair of = berputus asa
– Despite of = walaupun
– Destitute of = tak mempunyai
– Fall in = mengganti
– Full on = menjumpai
– Fall of = kemerosotan
– For fear of = takut jikalau
– Feed on = hidup dari
– Go of = orang bodoh
– Keen for = gembirakan
– Kick about = meronta
– Kind to = ramah tamah
– Put in = memasang
– Put on = mengenakan
– Run – about = berkeliaran
– Send for = meminta dating
– Speak on = berbicara tentang
– Stand to = menopang , menyokong


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