Bio: BIOGRAPHY His name is Rusmanhaji, he was born in Demak, April 16, 1959. He graduated from KMI (Kulliyatul Mu’allimin al-Islamiyyah) Gontor Ponorogo in 1979. Then he continued his study at IKIP Muhammadiyah Purwokerto and got Bachelor of Art degree majoring in Deductic Curriculum in 1985. He took Strata one in STAISA Jakarta majoring in Education of Islamic Religion in 1996, and now he is taking his master degree of Islamic Philosophy in The Islamic College for Advanced Study (ICAS) London branch in collaboration with Paramadina University in Jakarta. He had taught English since 1980 to 1985 in the Islamic Boarding School (Pesantren ) in Kroya and Banyumas Central Java. Then he moved to Jakarta and worked as a Translator at Iranian Embassy in Jakarta in 1987 till 1989. After that he became a Religious Teacher at Pakistan Embassy School in Jakarta for three years (1992-1995). He set up Flower English Course in Bekasi and managed it as of 1995 up to 2004. In year 1997 to 2005 he became a Lecturer in STAISA Jakarta. He has been teaching at MA An-Nida Al-Islamy RB Bekasi since 2005 up to the present time, He had been a teacher at MTs At-Taqwa Bungur and Driwanti Junior High School as well for two years. He began teaching at Taman Harapan Senior High School Bekasi in 2006 He was a Lecturer of Satyagama University and STAI TIARA Jakarta till 2010. Up to now He is a lecture of STAI PTDI, branches of PEKAYON AND TAMBUN, BEKASI. He has written series of books among other things: Interesting Stories for Children, English for Public Speaking, Quranic Commentary, and Religious Speeches for Muslim Students. His wife’s name is Eny Hidayatul Aini, she is an English teacher, too. He has five children, namely: 1. Rusma Velayati 2. Ghufron Fuadi Amin 3. Ayuningtyas 4. Bagus Mardatilah and 5. Ali Muhammad Mutahajjid.

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